Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Greetings from Kerala 2011 !

Jonathan Perugia & Maggie O’Brien have headed back to Kerala for another Authentic Adventure.

On the 18th November, Maggie and a group of Painters, Jonathan and his gang of Photographers and some ever prepared walkers headed out to Cochin to being their 14 night Keralan adventure.

Staying in 4 amazing locations and a authentic Keralan houseboat as a special treat for this departure only, this trip has been run many times before and along with our local guides, this holiday has already proved to be a memorable one. Here are just two photographs sent back to office by Jonathan which demonstrate how stunningly beautiful this region of India is and what a good photographer he is !

In 2012 we hope to return one more time to paint, take photographs and walk but if Kerala isn't to your tasting we are also looking at other long haul destinations including a visual extravaganza in Rajastan. If you would like to know more details when we have them, please let us know.