Thursday, 19 July 2012

Photography Master-class with Julio in Wanderlust Magazine!

Our charismatic photography guide in Cuba, Julio Munoz features in a fascinating article in Wanderlust's annual magazine 'Take Better Travel Photos 2012'. The article, entitled 'Capturing Cuba', takes you through a day in Julio's street photography boot camp, around the streets of Trinidad, Cuba. The article encapsulates the soul of Cuba and the fantastic, unique attitude of Julio. 

Julio with two of his students on the streets of Trinidad, Cuba
The article comes under the sub-heading 'Get Inspired' and there are some truly wonderful tips as given by Julio. His character beautifully depicted with the quote "You can learn from the master," as he demonstrates his craft by taking a perfectly composed shot complete with worker, spade and Dalmation that his class of photographers all missed.

Julio has a unique gift for street photography that has developed over the years working with some of the best street photographers in their field; such as Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey and British photographer Keith Cardwell.

Julio says of this shot "Unless the shot shows the barber
 with an instrument, as you eventually captured, that man could
have been killing, slapping or massaging that man."

It is, however, his personality that brings the historic streets of Trinidad to life during his boot camps and the article contains some fantastic quotes that set Julio apart as such a special photographer and personality.

"The idea of street photography is to work quickly and unseen, like a ghost"
"Your right arm should work like a tripod. Imagine you're shooting with a rifle"
"Reading the camera manual will make you depressed"

This is why we love to introduce Julio into your photography lives on our Cuba holidays!

Julio's casa, complete with his horse!
Our 10 night holiday to Cuba gives you a real insight to Cuba and allows you to learn so much about the art of street photography in great company. As well as gaining unique photography tips and experience on our tour, our local guides, along with Julio, open up the real Cuba for everyone to enjoy. We take you to both Havana; with its crumbling walls, gorgeous colonial buildings and historic streets, and to Trinidad; with Julio's gorgeous casa, cowboys and charming streets.

If this tickles your fancy, y
ou could still go out and join the remarkable Julio in Cuba along with our equally charismatic tutor Jonathan Perugia, as there are still limited places available on our November photography trip to Havana and Trinidad.

For more information on our photography holidays visit our website or call 01453 823 328 for more information, brochures and bookings.