Tuesday, 13 November 2012

All around the world in the docklands of London

 I am just back from The World Travel Market - the largest event you can imagine. It takes place in the Excel building in London’s Docklands and every region of every country is represented.  It’s like walking through a sophisticated souk where everyone has something with which to tempt one – sweets, dates, drinks with magical properties, cds of music, pens, hats, sunglasses not to mention the piles of brochures.
The purpose of the World travel exhibition is for tourist boards and suppliers of all aspects of holidays to display their wares to operators like us.
It’s very exciting and of course I can come back dying to show everyone dozens of new places – they all sound so amazing and the suppliers are always so surprised to hear about our activities.
As ever I am excited about far too many destinations to introduce them all in 2014 – they need editing but here’s a sneak preview of what got me excited.

Looks great – attractive villages, coast and monasteries in mountain landscapes.  Flights to Dubrovnik.

Avignon is a region I know from my old cycling days. It’s rich in its art history in addition to being very beautiful – it’s never cheap!

The southern coast looks good for walking and painting with vineyards and nice towns – flights to Venice.

La Gomera
A great winter destination – I was always put off by the need for a boat to the island and the possibility of this being cancelled!  I am now reassured this never happens. Great walking and painting landscapes away from the crowds.

Sri Lanka
This is Linda’s favourite and my wife can’t wait for the chance to get there.  Great historical buildings, temples, train journeys, rural villages and crafts, wildlife parks and a chance to see whales. Another winter destination.

Good quality accommodation away from the beaches and very friendly agents and tourist board. Food should be good and there are lots of flights there.
Istria -the North West corner– near Italy – looks good for painters and walkers but not a big selection of flights. Dubrovnik region is good for flights and the islands are accessible for day trips or for a few nights.
So there’s what’s got us excited for 2004 – there’s obviously too many ideas to introduce them all in 2014 so do please let us know your thoughts and in particular which of the places would excite you.