Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The growing popularity of "Creative Holidays"


"Creative Holidays" are the new 'relaxing escape'

When was the last time you learnt something new - for pleasure?

Discerning travellers are demanding more from their holidays than just lying on a beach and relaxing: how passe!

Holidays are increasingly becoming seen as a chance to 'top up' skills that have perhaps been under encouraged, practise a hobby, or even become the catalyst for a life-changing experience. "Time-off" is becoming more "time-on"; at last a chance to really focus on something you love, and finally feel the fulfillment of achieving something new that we lack in other areas of our lives.

Fulfillment can also be found in companionship, and with many of our customers being solo-travellers, holidays organised around activities, with like-minded people, have become our speciality. On a walking holiday, not only are you exercising your body, in an enjoyable and manageable way (no sore joints and uphill struggles here) but you will also be feeding your soul with spectacular scenery, and enjoying lots of laughs along the way. Our singing holidays are a wonderful way to 'free' yourself from the contraints of modern life and come together as a group to harmonise outdoors in wonderful scenery: if the chemistry is right, it can be a really special experience!

Many of our holidays are single supplement free: we don't want to penalise single travellers, we want to encourage anyone with a zest for life to join us, whoever you are.

Equally, your skill set doesn't have to be outstanding: if you are a complete beginner photographer or painter, one of our holidays is a chance to benefit from exceptional tutoring and enjoy the feedback from other guests. You will inspire and feed off each other, and come home feeling as if you've really achieved something, and built up a portfolio of paintings or images. It will uncover a whole new area of your life.

Go to our website to catch up on our latest holidays, and order your brochures on-line today! After fifteen years, we have created some of the best "creative holidays" on the market. Facebook will keep you up to date with what we are up to, exhibitions, competitions and much more.

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