Friday, 8 March 2013

Put the kettle on! How to make Moroccan mint tea.

As Kevin Scully, our painting tutor and Hamish Scott-Brown are getting ready for their trip to Taroudant, on 16th March, I thought it only appropriate that we put the kettle on at work....and make a Moroccan mint tea. How refreshing! Although in Morocco it's usually served at the end of a meal as a kind of sweet digestive using lots of sugar, and of course pouring it from a great height to achieve the special 'foam' on the top. The beautiful Moroccan teapots are a staple in every home, usually ornate, with curving sides they have a handy inbuilt strainer.


10 fresh sprigs or mint (or one large bunch)
3 teaspoons of green tea
3 tablespoons of sugar (more or less to taste)
4 cups of water-ish

Warm your teapot - you can do this by pouring a bit of boiling water in the bottom and swilling it around. Very important that the teapot starts off warm! Combine the mint, green tea and water in a pan adding the sugar afterwards and brining to the boil - this ensures that the sugar dissolves properly for maximum taste! Pour into your teapot and leave to brew for three minutes or so.

Pour your tea through a strainer from a good height (carefully!) into Moroccan tea glasses.


Tea seller, Marrakech painted by our Senior Painting Tutor, Roger Jones.
Join us for another trip to Morocco in 2014!