Thursday, 2 May 2013

First Aid training day - and an excuse to get together and have some fun!

Hamish Scott-Brown, Kate Bentley, Christine Russell, John Brough, Jonothan Perugia, Linda Kember
David Paskett, Diana May, Judith Bush, Chloe Hall, Sarah Edmonds, Kevin Scully, Steve Walton

Here at Authentic Adventures, we're still buoyant from our biggest staff meeting for years - all our office staff, guides, tutors and friends of AA got together to celebrate our 15th birthday and complete a mandatory First Aid course. We enjoyed a fantastic evening hosted by John Brough, Managing Director, a chance for us to discuss our 2014 programme and bring the group together.
In the true spirit of Authentic Adventures, we had a giggle whilst completing our First Aid course! Obviously understanding the importance of it, we managed to find the odd amusing moment: namely John struggling to find his way out of a sling made from masking tape! It's obviously a crucial skill as a guide, tutor and assistant, to be able to snap into action should anything happen to a guest whilst travelling with us, and we learn a lot from the day. Rest assured, you will be in safe hands travelling with Authentic Adventures.

Checking for signs of life!

Who, me?

Christine Russell

Jonothan Perugia feigning death!

Gavin holds David Pasketts head together!