Thursday, 25 September 2014

Snake charmers, acrobats, camel herders and you! Photographic adventure at the Pushkar Camel fair, Rajasthan.


Pushkar Mela

26th October 2014 & 14th November 2015, 13 nights with Jonathan Perugia (2014) and Hamish Scott-Brown (2015)

Dancing camel

Once a year, the hamlet of Pushkar - a remote collection of cobalt blue buildings, edged with whitewashed temples that fringe the short of a tranquil lake in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan - erupts into a cacophonous frenzy of colour, music, prayer, incense, magic and madness. By the night of the full moon of Kartika Purnima a quarter of a million semi-nomadic Rajput camel and cattle herders have set up camps in the desert around the oasis, with all their herds around them. For five days and nights this is the biggest livestock fair in India, attracting snake-charmers, storytellers, acrobats, conjurers, mystics, snake-oil sellers, tourists and traders or paraphernalia to do with camels. Wandering minstrels sing for their supper as they move between the thousands of camp fires. There is a funfair with giant ferris wheels, camel races, food stalls, moustache-twisting and tuban tying contests and live bands.

The mela (gathering) reaches a crescendo when, under the rising full moon, the chanting pilgrims launch butter-lamps on tiny leaf-boats into the scared lake, then take a ritual dip in the waters to cleanse themselves of sin.

Written by Chis Caldicott and taken from FT Travel.
All images by our tutor Jonathan Perugia.

Watch this short movie for a taster of our Photography Adventure in Rajasthan.

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