Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Malaga by Amanda Hamilton


Pop up Pompidou Centre in Malaga

I'm thrilled to be invited by The Authentic Adventures team to paint with you in Malaga. It's one of my favourite cities having lived just up the road in Iznajar for five years. All those glorious tightly knitted streets, huddled together to keep the cold out in winter and the sun away in the summer - Malaga is a breathtaking city missed by so many who view it only from the airport.

My love of Spain, the sounds of flamenco and the Spanish guitar goes back as long as I can remember. I'm the daughter of a military family on all sides so the nomadic nature of modern day Spain sits very comfortably with me. It reflects in my painting style as I'm not especially fixed on precision or form, where the overall aim to delight and bewitch for me is paramount - as is the gorgeous AndalucĂ­a scenery.

Your painting tutor in Malaga, Amanda Hamilton
I'm a synesthetic - it means I hera music when I sketch or draw, so the chords are discordant until the lines are "right" at which point the sounds I hear become pleasing. Perhaps that's why I wasn't noted as an especially talented artist at school! I don't remember ever creating anything o import, but having been featured in Vogue, worked with the National Trust and most recently having had my version of the Moulin Rouge in World of Interiors I'm not overly upset about my lack of early prowess. Sometimes we have to trust a little and take the next step, not knowing what might be round the corner.

I love teaching painting. I cover everything from '10 Shades of Grey' to creating a specific colour wheel for a painting and thinking about composition ideas right through to gentle moments of reflection and a few yoga type stretches to keep us loose and flowing in our endeavours. I find we all benefit from a moment away from the canvas or paper - just as in life - those "up periscope" moments often generate the next step when we come back and look with fresh eyes.

Old and new sit side by side in Malaga

I truly do believe that first and foremost painting needs to be fun for you - and to that end I am an enthusiastic teacher with a playful sense of humour to match! My own journey has taught me many times that skill comes with practice (an da willingness to get it spectacularly wrong) but the pure love of painting is something that

never goes away - and I thin you can see that love and passion in a painting too.

Malaga, birthplace of Pablo Picasso
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